White Gloss Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles
white gloss subway kitchen wall tiles
White Gloss Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles
White Gloss Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles
  • White Gloss Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles
  • White Gloss Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles

white gloss subway kitchen wall tiles

Introducing our "White Gloss Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles," a sleek and modern choice for kitchen walls. These glossy subway tiles, featuring a smooth and contemporary surface, provide a bright and elegant appearance that complements various kitchen styles. Perfect for both residential and commercial kitchen wall installations, they offer excellent water resistance. Professional installation is recommended for the best results.

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JLA Gloss Wall tiles can be leveraged in a multitude of settings, most notably in kitchen splashbacks. As demands and standards have evolved, kitchen design aesthetics have become increasingly refined. Utilising tile for splashbacks enables homeowners to achieve both an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a hygienic environment. This classic contemporary model has been demonstrated to be an effective option for kitchen sinks, walls, and floors.

Product Description of White Gloss Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles

Parameter Specification
Product Name White Gloss Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles
Product Description These white glossy subway tiles are designed for kitchen wall applications, adding a sleek and modern touch to your space.
Size - Length: [Specify the length in inches or centimeters]/custom
  - Width: [Specify the width in inches or centimeters]/custom 
Material [Specify the material, e.g., Ceramic or Porcelain]
Color White glossy, offering a bright and contemporary appearance for kitchen walls.
Texture Smooth, glossy surface for a modern and elegant look.
Waterproof Suitable for indoor kitchen wall applications, offering excellent water resistance.
Packaging Typically sold in boxes, with the quantity per box determined based on customer requirements.
Usage Ideal for kitchen wall installations in residential and commercial spaces.
Installation Professional tile installation is recommended for the best results.
Maintenance Easy to clean and maintain; can be cleaned with standard kitchen cleaning agents and methods.

JLA Gloss Wall Tile can be used in many places, for example, kitchen splashbacks. As human needs keep changing, kitchen decor has become increasingly sophisticated. Style and cleanliness are achievable with kitchen tiles for splashbacks. It is a modern design that is timeless and has proven to work well on kitchen sinks, walls, and floors.

Advantages of White Gloss Subway Kitchen Wall Tiles

Make small rooms appear larger.

Glossy tiles are reflective and allow light to bounce around the room. They open up smaller spaces and trick the eye into making small rooms appear larger than they actually are. As a result, glossy tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms, boxrooms, or tight areas within larger spaces.

Make dark rooms appear brighter.

For similar reasons, glossy tiles can make your space appear lighter and brighter, especially white tiling. Glossy tiles are an ideal choice to brighten up darker, light-limited rooms.

Easy to Clean

The slippery nature of gloss surfaces means they’re extremely easy to wipe clean. As a result, glossy tiles are ideal for bathroom walls and kitchen splashbacks.

C&M: Care and Maintenance

Clean the high-gloss tiles regularly to avoid any kind of long-term damage or the use of strong chemicals to clean them.

You should also sweep and vacuum your tiles routinely to avoid the accumulation of dust, food crumbs, or any kind of debris.

Use mild cleaning agents to avoid obtuse flooring. You can use cleaning agents like vinegar, warm water, or lemon juice mixed in half a bucket of water.

Make sure to never use any acid or bleach to clean your high-gloss tiles. Using these products can cause irreversible damage to your tiles.

Avoid excessive force while cleaning your tiles. Extra force may cause deterioration of the protective seal.

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