12x12 matte white ceramic floor tile

12x12 matte white ceramic floor tile

Because the kitchen is such an important room, it is critical to create a kitchen design that is both functional and stylish. Because of the endless possibilities and benefits of this versatile material, one method is to install tile flooring.

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Since the kitchen is such a meaningful room, it’s important to create a kitchen design that is both functional and stylish. Installing tile flooring is one of the ways to achieve that thanks to the endless possibilities and benefits of this versatile material.


The Advantage of Kitchen Floor Tiles Ceramic

Easy to clean: Tile flooring is very easy to maintain — regular sweeping or vacuuming along with the occasional round of mopping will keep it looking good as new.

Moisture- and heat-resistant: Accidents in the kitchen are common, but installing a tile floor means you won’t have to worry about damage due to messes or spills. Tile also doesn’t absorb bacteria or odors, which helps keep your home fresh and healthy.

Durable: Tile can easily withstand everything from heavy foot traffic to pets running around on it.

Long lasting: Because of how strong and resilient it is, tile floors can last your kitchen for decades.  

Budget-friendly: Compared to some other types of flooring options, tile tends to be a very affordable solution.

Valuable: Installing new tiles and updating the look of your kitchen can add value to your home.


Cleaning Tips

Tiles are often stained by greasy, rust, soap scum, etc., especially the joints of tiles are more likely to hide dirt. In order to keep the tile surface clean without damaging its luster, you can use a multi-purpose decontamination paste for cleaning. At the joints of the tiles, use a toothbrush to dip a little decontamination paste to remove dirt, and then use a brush to brush a layer of waterproofing agent on the gaps. This will not only prevent water seepage but also prevent bacterial growth.



Question 1: Can I get a sample first? And how does it charge?

We offer free samples for you.

Question 2: How is your supply capacity?

We have two factories, one for ceramic wall tile and the other for porcelain floor vitrified. The ceramic wall tiles factory can supply 90,000 m2 per month, and the floor vitrified factory can produce 1,000,000 m2 per month.

Question 3: How long can you ship?

7-20days according to stock situation.

Question 4: I'm a homeowner and I need a small quantity, what do I do?

Our MOQ is 50m2, which is less than any other company.


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