small hexagon bathroom floor tiles
small hexagon bathroom floor tiles
small hexagon bathroom floor tiles
small hexagon bathroom floor tiles
small hexagon bathroom floor tiles
  • small hexagon bathroom floor tiles
  • small hexagon bathroom floor tiles
  • small hexagon bathroom floor tiles

small hexagon bathroom floor tiles

A nanomaterial coating gives porcelain hexagon tiles a smooth finish. The coating has a significant impact on the beneficial properties of the tiles, such as stain and wear resistance. The tiles have a uniform surface, giving them a very natural-looking marble feel and appearance that defines a luxurious vibe in your space. Upgrade your space with our collection of long-lasting Double Loading Porcelain tiles.

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Porcelain hexagon tiles are given a smooth finish with a nanomaterial coating. The coating plays a major role in the beneficiary properties of the tiles like stain and wears resistance. The tiles have a homogeneous surface and it gives a very natural-like marble feel and appearance which defines a luxurious vibe in your space. Explore our collection of durable Double Loading Porcelain tiles and upgrade your space.


The Advantage of Hexagon Floor Tiles

1.Hexagonal ceramic tile flooring is non-slip. Therefore, it helps to prepare a safe environment for employees.

2.It has a very hard and durable structure due to the ceramic material fired at high temperatures. For this reason, it does not crack easily and heavy loads don’t affect it.

3.The thickness of the material gives the required strength. It can easily carry a point and common loads and is resistant to impacts.

4.It enables the easy transportation of machines, which is a heavy and important investment and enables high efficiency.

5.Minimizes bacterial growth, antimicrobial.

6.Acids do not affect it; it is anti-acid.

7.It does not change color since it is produced using natural materials,


9.Environmentally friendly.


The Application of Hexagon Floor Tiles


One of the best options to add aesthetics, creativity, and originality are hexagonal bathroom tiles

They are highly aesthetic pieces that, thanks to their decorations, colors and versatility of installation, allow the creation of unique spaces without sacrificing the quality of a material suitable for the bathroom, such as ceramics.

Opt for a neutral-colored design if the bathroom is small, and go for a bolder design if the space is larger.


What is the biggest trend in decorating with hexagonal kitchen tiles? Use this original format to dress the backsplash area, also known as the front wall of the kitchen and sink area.

Among all the decorative possibilities, the white hexagonal kitchen tile remains the favorite choice, as it brings brightness and visually expands the space.


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